While references are helpful, they are not required for my screening process.
I do offer three distinct packages. The Romantic Affair Experience (RAE) is my version of the GFE. The Chloë Boulez Experience (CBE) is my version of the PSE. The Spiritual Love Experience is highly customizable and thus defies any general description. However, you can read in depth about all three packages on my blog.
I will greet you with great warmth! In all seriousness, when I visit you (outcall), I will expect my rate and your ID to be waiting for me in the restroom. If you have come to visit me (incall), I will offer my restroom facilities for your to freshen up — please make sure you have presented both your ID and my rate before you enter the restroom.
So long as my schedule permits, I would love to extend our time together — please remember to bring additional donations with you if you anticipate an extension. The sooner you let me know the better so as not to interrupt our time together — it can take a minute to get business out of the way a second time.
Absolutely! I have a few select friends that I can bring along if you so desire, including a utr adult film starlet. Please see my Amie Tender page for rate details, and note that those rates do not include the rate my friend will require. Please also note that each additional friend will require an additional $100 per hour.
I love seeing couples! Meeting a couple is an experience that tends to involve a bit more communication prior to our meeting to make sure I fully understand exactly what the two of you desire. Communicating with both parties is crucial to please everyone. Please see my Partenaire Tender page for rate details.
Absolutely! I love longer engagements — the more time we can spend together, the greater our connection can become. I do require a nonrefundable 25% cash deposit. Payment can be made painlessly by gift card with cash at your local convenience store or at a popular online retailer with whom you most likely hold an account.
Have you considered a private, live video show? I have a brand new HD camera and a blazing fast internet connection! I will still need to screen you, and you will need to pick a package — RAE, CBE, or SLE. The rates are 1/2 the published rate and available in 20 minute increments. I have previously modeled on webcam, and I can certainly put on a show you will love. Payment can be made painlessly by gift card with cash at your local convenience store or at a popular online retailer with whom you most likely hold an account. .
Yes, I am very reference friendly! Security is of the utmost importance to me, so I request that you notify me before using me as a reference to expedite the process.
Yes, I have adopted a cancellation policy to ensure my visits to your part of the country or world are fully confirmed. A 25% deposit at time of booking waives cancellation fee. Cancellations within 48 hours require a 50% fee; within 24 hours, a 100% fee. Payment methods include online and through mail, and must be received/sent within 24 hours. No rebooking fee required.
I only endorse three things: Golden Steer steakhouse, the Wynn resort & casino, and the Palomino strip club.

"I don't want to repeat my innocence, I want the pleasure of losing it again."
― F. Scott Fitzgerald

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